Using the Best Japanese Tea for a Very Special Tea Ceremony

One of the most important things in Japanese culture is their unique ceremony called the Japanese tea ceremony. It started sometime during the 15thd century. Over the years it has evolved into many styles depending of which area in Japan it is celebrated. Needless to say, despite the variations and the different styles, Japanese tea ceremonies are guided by one philosophy that can be traced back to Zen Buddhism. These guiding principles are harmony, respect, purity and serenity, which in Japanese are knonw as wa, kei, sei and jaku respectively

A remarkable figure in Japanese history, Sen no Rikyu, is credited for how the tea ceremony has become the ritual that it is today. He emphasized simplicity and spirituality as people appreciate the art of drinking tea. How does the Tea Ceremony look like today? It used to be a practice exclusive to the wealthy people but today everyone can experience it. For many years it has become and will continue to be a very significant part of the Japanese culture. Student from all levels study and appreciate the art so much that there are clubs everywhere across the country. You might want to check out this website at for more details about teas.

So if you want experience the Japanese tea ceremony, you will of course need a good Japanese tea from . There has always been a debate on whether or not it is good to buy Japanese Tea online. There are many pros and cons. The advantage is that if you live in a place where Japanese tea is hardly available then your best choice is to buy that tea online. But the greatest disadvantage is that it can be hard to be sure of the product when it comes to quality. And usually buying online would compel you to buy in bulk otherwise you will be spending high on shipping costs for a small number of tea bags. Buying tea that is more than you can consume could compromise the quality of the tea.

Either options are okay or deciding on which one will depend on your location and the supplies that you will need. Fortunately most Japanese Kettl kamairicha companies have global distribution of their products. And you might just find a good Japanese tea store in your area. So if you want to enjoy Japanese tea ceremony at its fullest be sure to use a tea with the highest quality. Buy tea that is from the most reliable Japanese tea company. To find a Japanese tea store near you, click this.